There are thirteen songs here with the lyrics of the first eight bars of each. Pdfs of the scores will be added as I tidy them up.

Contact me if you need more verses, a bridge passage etc. If you perform any of them in public don't forget to credit me on your PRS setlist.
1. Gloria

"Gloria, each morning Gloria. When you make those eyes it's time to rise and greet the sunshine through the door, a summertime once more with ..."

2. I'm on the Road, Boys

"I'm on the road, boys, I'm on the road again, travelin' the towns, performin' for all you men! - what d'ya think if that, boys, what d'ya think of that - For I'm the Babe of the Road, the Dance Hall Queen, I've been travelin' long and I'm moody and mean!"

I'm On The Road, Boys - short score pdf file

3. It's Christmas Time

"It's Christmas time, a year and a day have passed since my mistress said she'd take me home to meet all the other toys."

I wrote this in 2000 with Sir Cliff Richard in mind, to be told by his management he would not be recording again. I have long felt the need for something relating to children and more gentle on the ear, with due respect to Noddy's perennial.

It's Christmas Time - short score pdf file

4. Love Me True

"Love me true, oh do you love me true? Why do you only ask this when you're just blue?"

Love Me True? - short score pdf file

5. Lublu's Song

"When we're alone on a winter's evening, that's when I know that you are mine. All your love shows through with every look, taking me to places that I never knew before.

6. Now He's Left Me

"Now he's left me, now he's left me all alone. My sorrow etc ..."

7. One April Day in Galway Bay

"One April day in Galway Bay I met a girl upon the shore who smiled at me and smiled again and as she stood before me there my heart was an open door - my heart was an open door."

This is my Dorian mode tribute to traditional Irish music. I was enthralled by the sounds from the cafes and along Galway's main street one weekend. A German music student I spent a day with requested a song in which her friends could join in.

8. Patricia

"Patricia, Patricia etc ..."

9. Springtime is for You and Me

"Spring-time is for you and me, it doesn't matter where we are, but if we have the choice it's this romantic city, at Nôtre Dame and Sacré Cœur."

10. We Won the Lottery

"Chris, Chris, give us a kiss, what shall we do, was this our wish? Why is it all such a bit of a drag, does it all have to be one great big fag?" The chorus begins "We won the Lottery, we won the lottery. Yes we won, oh yes we won ..."

Written for my friend Christine.

11. When My Love is Far Away

"My Love, in my dreams we're together, knowing we will always be one. Seeing the stars at night, knowing they are lighting our way."

When My Love is Far Away - short score pdf file

12. When You Said Goodbye

Mp3 coming soon ..

"When you said goodbye, standing in the hallway in the early hours, that was when I knew ..."

This is my first song in fourteen years and written especially for the launching of this site. Not quite finished yet!

13. Will I Ever Fall in Love Again?

"Will I ever fall in love again, with a boy who was so special to behold? Why was I the lucky girl who caught his eye in a meeting foretold?"

Written for Gemma Rogers to feature her range and husky, bluesy voice.

Will I Ever Fall in Love Again? - short score pdf file