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Current are some T-shirts. Close to 200 will feature in my Anorak's Guides series Volume 8. See the note on my Author page Titles in Preparation about the series.
25005 My other name is Bitch
Image 25005  My other name is Bitch
Hotter than Wasabi
Image 018 9828 Hotter than Wasabi
Young and BeautifulImage 018 1171 Jeune et belle "young and beautiful."
The ManImage 019 6822 The Man
Love storyImage 019 7033 Love story
Red hot chili peppersImage 019 8957 Red hot chili peppers
Dangerous WomanImage 019 9017 Dangerous woman
Rock ChickImage 019 9040 Rock chick
Free hugs for cute boys
Image 19A 9504 Free hugs for cute boys
 Image 19A 9515 Whatever
 Image 19A 9554 Sweet
Limited Edition
 Image 19A 9649 Limited Edition