Image  018 1228 Squirrel with pear

In the Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, July. Squirrels love pear and almost anything else, as below.

070 6687 Run out of petrol
Image 018 1234 Squirrel with apple
070 6754 A Mon Patron
Image 018 1308 No-one looking

A hole appeared mysteriously in the bag of nuts and raisins in the bicycle panier. The squirrel returned to sample the oat biscuits and (below) fruit that was also there.

070 6396 Traditional Baguette
Image 018 1312 No-one looking 2
070 6232 Big Waves
Image 018 1386 Granny Knows Everything
Messages on T-shirts are an ongoing project. This one was captured at a local fete in Somerset in July.
070 5770 Beach Yoga 2Image 018 0622 Blackbird and fledgling
This shot in a sequence of six taken in Dumfriesshire, Southern Scotland in May shows the mother blackbird eying me warily and dropping the pellet she has just gleaned from the henhouse. She bends foward to regurgitate more kernels of grain and in the next shot shoves it down the fledgling's throat. She picked up enough grain in one go to do this three times.
070 5783 Maman yogaImage 018 0625
The baby followed its mother around the garden to be fed like this for about three days.
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